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The Trippin Seeds, this band composed exclusively of music engineers from Los Angeles and Bordeaux (France) just came with the idea of making a dedication project to the Blaxploitation Era with soulful funk instrumentals inspired by the classics of the genre. Here is the first single titled « Blaxxploitation ».

From the new Album

Release Date 2019-06-08

" The Great BlackCulture "



By The Trippin Seeds
Release date: 2019-02-08

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Takano new single is out !

Tonight, we released the new “Minimal House” track from our House/Techno Dj Takano which is titled “Crawling For Love”.

A Brainless World appeals

Yeah as you may be noticed, we join forces with a new partner to start a brand called “a Brainless World” or aBW. This brand represents our freedom from all the things society tries to lobotomies us with stereotypes, a way to act or thing. Brainless here means ” your life, your choices regardless the society and the moral it put in you”. It’s not a mass production brand but a movement of a stamp to people looking for this […]

Takano “crawling for love”

Takano is currently working on tree 4 tracks EP which themes are Love/Fear/Happiness. The single he aboute to release is extracted from the first theme and titled “Crawling For Love”, this is a minimal soulful house track with a feel of fullness.

Def French


“Akiéni Boy is a dj/record producer used to be known as Kaps. Simple and creative, he emerged from the global hiphop scene, he got recently inspired by instrumentalists like Knxwledge, Mngsn, Soulection crew or remixer Kaytranada. His style is a hiphop base with influences from any genre he connect with.”

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"Portuguese Summer : The Movie"

Directed by: Orderic Ayatsou
Artwork : KapS



Orderic Ayatsou
Def Frenchies Recordings


Orderic Ayatsou
Def Frenchies Recordings


Orderic Ayatsou
Def Frenchies Recordings