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  1. Bre-Som Kevson 2:58
  2. Kid Kevson 3:27
  3. Bastard Kevson 3:44
  4. FAM Kevson 3:58
  5. Gravity Kevson 3:21
  6. Ugly Trap Kevson 3:33
  7. Back Home Kevson 3:41
  8. Take Five Kevson 3:25
  9. Thug Love Kevson 3:12
  10. Awww Shit Kevson 4:08
  11. Green Money Kevson 3:12


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Portuguese Summer

Lord Knowz


Def Frenchies is a digital record label/creative collective founded in 2016 and based in Bordeaux, France. We’re an music publishing company, a record label, a music production & sound design company.

We are defending the Hip-Hop culture and operate in France, UK, Portugal, Spain, USA, Quebec, Belgium, South Korea & Japan. We worked with mostly underground act like KapS, Kevson, Shorten Varley, Joe Burger, Skott Keda, Lineyes & Wednesday Kid among others. Our goal is to unleash full creativity curating music.

Demo Policy

We are now only accepting demos in digital form. Please email contact [at] deffrenchies [dot] com with links to MP3 files (but NO MP3 email attachments please!), SoundCloud pages, or websites. Please remember to include contact details within the email body and keep your submission short and sweet, best tracks first.

Please don’t chase us for a response. If we like it we will get in touch with you.



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Artist Management & Direction

Ordéric Ayatsou
A&R – Founder / CEO
contact [at] deffrenchies [dot] com

Patrick Sallie
Mgmt – Booking
contact [at] deffrenchies [dot] com


Samuel E.
Copyright & Publishing
contact [at] deffrenchies [dot] com

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