Def frenchies Recordings/Live From The Underground

Live From The Underground


Time: October 26, 2018 07:00PM
Location: 58 Rue du Mirail, 33000 Bordeaux
Event Type: Tour
Organized By: Def Frenchies Recordings
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About Tour

LFTU (Live From The Underground) is an underground event happening in basement clubs with a line-up made of unsigned or unknown talents who never or hardly get aired on mainstream spheres. This project came as a will to discover new music and super creative talents, and share their work with the rest of the world. For this event, the lineup is :

  • Joe Burger (Uk Rap/Grime) Uk
  • Kevson (Trap) Gabon
  • KapS (Dj set Psyché funk) France
  • SandySmoke (Hip-Hop/Rock) France
  • Salamander Jive (Rock/Psyché) France.

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